Thursday, February 13, 2014

Split Decision, Bird Oil Painting, Linda McCoy

Split Decision, Robin Oil Painting
Split Decision, Robin Oil Painting, painting by Linda McCoy
About This Painting:
Oil on panel
Media: oil
Size: 6 in X 6 in (15.2 cm X 15.2 cm)
Price: $65 USD
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Price: $65 USD
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A few days ago I looked across to a tree in my yard, and there straddling the branch, feathers all puffed up was this not very happy looking Robin. Although the day was clear with a bright blue sky it was freezing. I love how the birds fluff their feathers to keep warm. The next time I see a Robin, I surely won't dismiss it as just a brown bird. Beautiful chromatic grays in the feathers, from taupe to a bluish gray. With the deep browns and black accented with the orange breast and a few white feathers he was a joy to paint.

Copyright 2014, Linda McCoy

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