Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Passage, Sharp Shinned Hawk, Watercolor

Passage, Sharp Shinned Hawk Watercolor
Passage, Sharp Shinned Hawk Watercolor, painting by Linda McCoy
About This Painting:
Media: watercolor
Size: 24 in X 24 in (61 cm X 61 cm)
How to Purchase:
It isn't often we have the opportunity as artists to paint wildlife from life. Sadly, this small hawk was found dead in our yard. I've noticed a Coopers Hawk visiting now and again but this was my first time seeing the Sharp Shinned Hawk. I painted him twice, both on a large sheet of watercolor paper. I used Burnt Umber, Sepia, Indian Red, Gold Ochre, Payne's Grey, Indian Yellow, and Cerulean Blue. The Cerulean and Burnt Umber made a beautiful gray and was the first wash on the tail. I used pots of color, and a very large brush for the first wash, and sea salt for texture after each wash.
Here are some of the photo's from the making of this painting.

The Chinese calligraphy brushes (except for the large one)  were given to me as a gift by my brother and sister in law purchased by them on a visit to China. They really worked well for this feathered, textured, process.
I did not draw this bird on the paper with a pencil. I drew him with the large brush, making each stroke count.
I enjoyed the opportunity to paint this bird from life, there was a peace about working in the studio, quietly, observing feathers; and yes, death.
Copyright 2016, Linda McCoy

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