Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Indulge, Hydrangea Watercolor

Indulge, Hydrangea Watercolor_McCoy
Indulge, Hydrangea Watercolor_McCoy, painting by Linda McCoy
About This Painting:
Media: Watercolor
Size: 24 in X 30 in (61 cm X 76.2 cm)
How to Purchase:
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Sometimes you control the painting, sometimes it controls you. It was the latter in this case. Big brushes, wild washes, splashes, negative shapes, positive shapes and all things in between. Does it look like I just threw the watercolor on the paper? Maybe so, but it took three days to complete, being careful not to overwork and over control the paint. I don't know, it felt good, and when I was finished I loved it. Go figure. Here's the journey. Copyright 2016 Linda McCoy

Large Chinese calligraphy brushes, three of them brought back from China for me by my brother and sister-in-law. :)

Pots of watercolor, burnt umber, sepia, gold ochre, cobalt blue, cerulean, (not shown) two values of paynes grey. 

The first wash is plopped on the paper, (140lb Arches, rough) with Cobalt Blue, and Cerulean.  While still wet I dabbed with a paper towel into each flower which created abstract shapes, these would later form the petals. Gold Ochre mixed with blues in the leaf areas. I added salt for texture after each wash.

Second wash, sepia and gold ochre. More salt.

Carve out leaf and petal  shapes. They are there, look for them!

Sepia darks to add drama

Establish a flow through shape, develop petals and leaves.

Establish petals and leaf shapes, greens are gold ochre, ultra marine blue, or gold ochre and cerulean blue.

Not quite finished, more details needed. Light washes of Payne's grey in shadow areas of hydrangea.


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