Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kiriana, Oil Portrait on Linen

Both baby portraits were taken from photographs I took at David and Rachel's shower. At the time, I was taken with both babies because they were so absorbed in all activities in the room. Presents were being opened, little cake balls with colorful sprinkles on top were irresistible and so were glasses decorated with aqua polka-dot bows. They watched and took in everything. It's typical I guess to take pictures of the babies when they are smiling, but there is something about their little faces when they are simply watching and learning.  So inquisitive!
6"X6" Oil on linen, private collection for portrait commission info
Private Collection

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Larry, Dreaming of Swedish Fish

So who is Larry? He is a gifted guitar player, he loves to draw, he is very devoted to his family and he loves Swedish Fish candy. My sisters and I always teased him that he was mom's favorite, but then who could resist those blue eyes? Larry was here for a visit recently and he posed for me. We had a great time, everyone is always glad to see him. Anyway, here he is. I loved painting this, I tried really hard not to fiddle too much with the details.
Copyright 2011 Linda McCoy
Oil on linen panel, 9"X12" for questions regarding commissions
Private Collection