Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spider Mum, Hydrangea and Pumpkin Tree Watercolor by Linda McCoy

My daughter Bree purchased the "pumpkin tree" for me. At first I wasn't sure how to paint them since the branch is so long. I finally figured out if it was to fit on a small daily painting it would have to be shortened. Thorny little rascals, I was in a hurry to trim them so I could get them into the sunlight. Ouch! I think these are really of the eggplant family but they look like perfect tiny pumpkins. Nice variety of yellow, red orange. Hopefully it will fit into the "Orange" themed day on the Daily Painters Gallery for Wednesday. Bree, thanks for the nice surprise! I love them!
Watercolor on Sennelier paper, 7"X7" $100.00 lindamccoyart@live.com

Copyright 2008 Linda McCoy

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"I'm Sorry" Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

Fall hydrangea, pink roses and mums. I set this up in the bright sun, in an east window. The light was coming in at a perfect angle to backlight the hydrangeas. I named it "I'm Sorry" when I started thinking about all the reasons people send flowers. For happy occasions and sad, they speak the words for us we sometimes can't.
This painting is very bright.
9"X12" Oil on gallery wrapped stretched canvas. $125.00 lindamccoyart@live.com  Sold

Copyright Linda McCoy 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chrysanthemum 2 Watercolor by Linda McCoy

This is the third watercolor started when the power went out for a few days here. I worked on all three at the same time. Each layer of watercolor has to dry in between glazes, so it seemed expedient to work on more than one. Who am I kidding? It has to do with my impatience! Anyway, it kept me busy for days, and I like the result of the transparent watercolors.
8"X8" Watercolor on Sennelier paper. $100.00 lindamccoyart@live.com
Copyright 2008 Linda McCoy

Autumn Hydrangea, Watercolor by Linda McCoy

Painting the lush hydrangea is always a challenge. Sunlight falls on these in very abstract shapes because of all the little flowers. I love these, soon they'll take their winter rest. This is an 8"X8" Watercolor on Winsor Newton paper.
$100.00 lindamccoyart@live.com for a paypal invoice SOLD

Copyright 2008 Linda McCoy

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chrysanthemum, Watercolor by Linda McCoy

The Cincinnati area was hit hard by winds generated by Hurricane Ike. Fortunately the rain didn't come with it. We lost power for several days so I started a few watercolors I could work on during daylight hours. It was so quiet without power! All I could hear was the sound of the wind chimes, birds and the kids having a great time playing. This one is a little larger than usual, 10" X10" Watercolor on Sennelier paper.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunday Morning

This canvas was intended to be something else, but that painting didn't work out so it ended up a little abastract. Or maybe impressionistic. Or maybe a fantasy floral. Or maybe a still life. I can't seem to make up my other mind on this one, but it is colorful!
6"X6" Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. tcoy1@msn.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Summer, Abstract Floral by Linda McCoy

A large and colorful floral. 24"X30" Oil on canvas. $300.00 plus shipping. Gotta have it? Email me for paypal invoice. tcoy1@msn.com

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After September 11

Seems like everyone remembers what they doing when they first heard the news about the horrible events of September 11th. In the days that followed, people tried to resume normal activities and for me that was travel for my employer. Most everyone was aware of what happened in the big cities and airports, increased security, heightened awareness. I was fortunate not to have to travel by air during that time. Some of my travel took me to rural towns many of which were in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky. You couldn't pass a farm without seeing the flag wave, perched on mail boxes, tractors, front doors, and hanging from barns like this one. I wished I would have thought to bring my camera, for in itself this was another story. This barn is near Xenia, Ohio. We should never ever forget what happened that day.