Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strawberry Swing Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

I read a comment made by a collector that artist's shouldn't just put painting on their blogs without commenting on how the painting came about. So, here goes. I logged on to a great website started by a business acquaintance of mine. On her blog their are a variety of links, so I clicked on  On her blog was a post about a china basket that she liked from  I ordered the basket, it was here within a week. I loved it, so while my daughter Bree was at the grocery, I asked her pick up some strawberries. She brought back huge bright red dipping strawberries. They were so perfect even the seeds were in neat little rows.  I set it up on a shelf in partial sunlight. Well, there you have it. How long did it take to paint? A week of applying many glazes of color; reds are a pain to paint because they are so transparent. Getting the shadow side of the basket gray enough took more than a little courage. Were the strawberries good? Unbelievably sweet.
Oh, come on Linda, why did you name it Strawberry Swing? In homage to a song of the same title by Coldplay.
8"X8" Oil on hardboard  Sold


Lisa said...

Hi Linda,
Well that's a great story!
I must admit, I do love how the inspiration came about, and your painting is just wonderful. I am so glad that you stopprd by because your first comment had me a bit curious. Curious as to how it would be painted.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention My Sparrow, Fab Over 50, and your daughter Bree. She really knows how to pick strawberries. They were perfect for a beautiful painting!

Linda said...

Thanks Lisa for your kind words, and for your great blog. I visit often, something new always! I hope your summer is going great!