Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lemenitis Arthemis Astyanax, Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

“Don’t step on it!” she said to her little ones. At the foot of the stair was a still butterfly. She and her young boys hunkered down in a deep knee bend to observe the tragedy. For an exquisite but brief moment she too was little again. Wow, look at the colors. Is it dead? Why did it die? What kind is it? Is it a girl or boy butterfly? The conversation lasted as long as there were questions for her to answer.

Their curiosity satisfied, she reminded them it was time to go shopping for school supplies. The boys ran to the car weighted down with last year’s lunch boxes filled with their treasured Star Wars and Spiderman figurines. It’s an important week. Back to school, so many lessons to learn.

Not one more important than the one she just taught them.

4"X4" Oil on hardboard. Copyright Linda McCoy 2010  Collected

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