Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bree # 4, Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

Oil on Linen, 6"X6"
Mom: Hi Bree
Bree: Hi Mom, what's up?
Mom: I did another painting of you today.
Bree: Oh cool
Mom: Is it ok if I post it to my blog?
Bree: Sure, go ahead
Mom: Thanks Bree
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Bree said...

Lol! It is like I'm looking in a mirror!

Linda McCoy said...

It is really nice in person, it's small..6"X6" :)

David said...

Nice work!

Linda McCoy said...

Thanks David!


Dear Linda.You are very competent in portrait painting especially your friends and relatives.You realy paint very nice what you realy love at the moment. In all works created with love one sees the soul of the person or the object. The human being painted is seen throught the eyes which are the fist sight that catches the attention.Your love makes people beautiful.