Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Grape Escape, Oil painting by Linda McCoy

This painting is aptly named “The Grape Escape” by my brother who has recently taken on the task of naming my paintings. (Thanks Larry!)
These are the largest most beautiful grapes, and oh so sweet! I like these wine glasses purchased from Pier One Imports. I set the still life up in the east sun as is often my practice. I am forever amazed at how the sunshine can turn an ordinary object into a sparkling, light refracting, illuminated miracle. The painting is my attempt to recapture that moment in the sun.
8"X 8" Oil on panel for purchase information
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Gerald Schwartz said...

This is absolutely fantastic...

Linda McCoy said...

Thank you so much Gerald, what a nice compliment. I greatly admire your work!

Lali said...

Very festive!
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Linda McCoy said...

Thanks Lali!