Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moody Blues, Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

This was created for the "Glass Challenge" on the Daily Paintworks. SOLD

I love painting glass, all of the reflections, lights, shadows, and colors are challenging yet rewarding when finished. I started this painting with a permanent rose and cobalt blue under painting. When that was dry, I transferred my drawing using white Saral transfer paper. The first step was to lay in the white highlights. I did this first so I didn't lose them in the painting process. I then added the darks, then the middle tones. I moved back and forth from the perfume bottle to the flowers, so that I could achieve color harmony. I was careful to try and observe all of the nuances the sunlight and the glass provided. This is just the way I approach glass, there are many ways to tackle this challenging subject! I used Thalo blue, Colbalt blue, Kings blue, Permanent Rose, Cadmium yellow deep, Cadmium yellow medium, Permanent green, thalo green and white. I keep three piles of white on my palette so I always have clean white.
I used a 6"x6" Gessobord.The backround is cobalt blue, a touch of thalo blue, permanent rose and white. I applied it with liquin to provide a "wash" of color.  I allowed it to dry overnight. 

With the painting thoroughly dry, I transferred the drawing using white Saral paper. Just the big shapes are transferred.
Next I painted in the whites. I know, this is contrary to the order in which we usually paint, but I find if I lay in the whites first I am less apt to lose them during the painting process. Some will get painted out, when this happens I paint them back in right away. They are my roadmap!
Now that the whites are established, I establish the darkest darks, and add middle values to the bottle. I use Thalo blue for the darkest darks.
I added the background, a mixture of thalo green, permanent rose, cobalt blue and kings blue. It makes a greenish gray neutral color.  I added the stems, yellow, permanent rose, and a bit of thalo green to get a nice warm brown.  The blue flowers are cobalt blue, thalo blue,  kings blue and white. I mix these on my palette, trying to get a variety of blues.

I've added white flowers, pink flowers and continue to work on the perfume bottle, I've added sparkles to the bottom of the clear class, and work on the petals that fell into the water. I used permanent green on the leaves and small stems.
I continued to work on the perfume bottle, glass, and petals...also the small petals that have dropped onto the table...adding shadows and highlights. At this point I am nearing the end, adding stems, leaves....
This is the finished painting. I made another pass at the background to be sure it was deep and rich. I added highlights to the left of the perfume bottle, small reflections of color. I felt I was finished when I could say no more!


Barbsgarden said...

Linda, I love your approach to painting glass. I will try this. Thanks

Linda McCoy said...

Thanks Barbara!


Dear Linda, The painting is A Moment of Love.So nice,fresh,imaginative and fragile. I recomended the born of the paintig to the teacher of arts and some students to watch & follow your style. Thanks.

Linda McCoy said...

Thank you ВАСИЛИЙ СЫЗЬКО I am happy you enjoy my artwork!