Thursday, July 31, 2008

Butler County Ohio Barn, Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

The Daily Painters group is celebrating during the month of August with a "beautiful earth" theme. One could wonder why I chose a barn for the first day. Can't say really, I pass this barn often, and for those of you who live here in Ohio it's on Cincinnati-Dayton Road in Monroe. What would our landscapes look like without the thousands upon thousands of barns that dot the rural fields? Traveling the midwest you can see them standing, roofs collapsing, hand laid foundations crumbling. The weather isn't easy on the old ones, and after a particularly bad winter they just fold in on themselves. So much history. Many are adorned with the American flag, much like this one. They are a symbol of those who came in the early days and worked so hard to feed their families. Some have been in the same family for generations. But disappear they do, bull-dozed aside to make room for new sub-divisions and corporate farming.
Take the back roads once in awhile..... a beautiful earth indeed.
6"X6" Oil on canvas.

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