Friday, August 01, 2008

Peach and Pears, Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

These little pears were ripped off a tree during a severe thunderstorm. A special little person noticed them scattered on the ground and brought them in for me to paint. So perfect! He was after me all day to paint them, and when I was finished he was so delighted. In past years once the pears are really ripening the bug level is off the charts. We don't use any insectide on these so the bees (where are they anyway?) and wasps have a field day. The ones that fall to the ground are dessert for the squirrels after a main course of sunflower seeds deftly scooped away from the birds.
The peach is a grocery store variety, perfect in everyway. I wonder about them though, you can't see or smell the pesticides. But they're there. Waiting for our first unsuspecting bite.
6"X6" Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
All paintings are copyright by Linda McCoy 2008


Trine said...

Your paintings has such a wonderful velvety feel and beautiful use of light. That little person gave you excellent advice Trine

Linda said...

Thank you Trine!