Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wicked Cute Italian Shoes, Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

After a long shopping day in Lucca, Italy my friends and I unwrapped our treasures. I bought these for my daughter. Wondering if she would like them I asked Sharon to try them on. She stuck her feet up in the air and said "These shoes are wicked cute, I should have bought myself a pair!" I snapped a picture, (glad I did) and was able to borrow the shoes back from my daughter to paint.  Sold
6"x6" Oil on panel



In old times even the nails and the tiptoe made a man adore and deify a wooman. The painting shows how dearly you Linda love Sharon and how graceful Sharon's feet make the Italian shoes beautiful.

Linda McCoy said...

Thank you, Sharon and I have been fiends for years, even though we live many miles apart. Thank you for your lovely comment!