Sunday, April 20, 2008

Godiva, Bree and Me, Oil Painting by Linda McCoy

One of the many wonderful things about having daughters is shopping together. Seems like a long time since Bree and I shopped together, but we made it to Kenwood Mall in Cincinnati. Who in the world could pass by the Godiva Chocolate store without going in? They were hand dipping these tiny white chocolate treats. The miracle is that the tart lived all the way home and made into my studio alive. Had we hit heavy traffic we would have devoured it in frustration. It's so tiny it fit perfectly on a little plate made for a pat of butter. The tulip is from Bree's garden and she reluctantly allowed it to be cut. "Bree those purple tulips are beautiful, can I have one to paint?" Well "yes" she replied "but do you mean you want to cut it?" I guess so, and here it is!
Wish my daughter Julie could have been here to share the day. She's coming in for a visit soon, shopping is definitely on the agenda.

Oh and about the Godiva? Gone but not forgotten! Chocolate works.
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Bree said...

It's perfect! I want to eat it right off the canvas.
Don't you think you need six or nine more of these to paint?

Linda said...

Yes! When are we going back?