Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lavender Marbles, Pink Tulip Still Life by Linda McCoy

Ever on the quest for something newer, I went shopping for a simple bag of marbles. What I found were ugly opaque yellow, brown and just a few cat's eyes. What on earth happened to all the pretty marbles that were around when we were kids? There you go I'm starting to sound like Andy Rooney. Can't be having that! So, I went on the internet and of course found a great marble company . For those who really do collect marbles this place must be heaven. Anyway I ordered three bags of mixed cat's eyes, they were very nice and assured me that I would have enough of every color. They were at my door in three days and I was off and running.
The sun was out this morning, so back to the east window I went with my still life. There's something fun about painting these little set ups. The color of these marbles is lavender, but picking up a little local color from reflections. The little curvy vase was a little fun shape, the tulip won't last another day. The background of the painting is not black, but a mixture of Ultra Marine blue deep and Winsor green. 6"X6' Oil on gallery wrapped stretched canvas, $100.00 email SOLD

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